5 Tips to attract talent with digital mindset.

We often hear about the new challenges that companies present today to attract digital-minded and potential talent in the future of organizations, which we will clearly not be able to achieve with a conventional attraction process. 

Finding the relevant ways and sources in today's world to achieve this is an important challenge so we want to share 5 tips to attract them quickly and efficiently. 

Empowering selection teams with the right tools will not only help fill vacancies in record time, but also reach top candidates to ensure the best results.  

In this way we must look for our process to be characterized by having:  

  • Ensuring closeness to our future employees forces us to be on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and adapt to those that are coming.  
  • Do not limit interaction schedules, have 24/7 availability to advance or consult the statuses of your process, generate credibility and peace of mind for a serious and responsible process.  
  • Automate communication with candidates optimizing team times, without neglecting the guarantee of constant and personalized information of progress or feedback of the process.   
  • Using data, AI processes, Artificial Intelligence, support the review and selection of personnel more in line with affinity. Ensure that the digital valuation process leaves us inputs to feed our data and our prediction model.  
  • Activate our brand ambassadors and share your experiences in digital media that make those candidates who are not in active search for employment fall in love.  

Improving the experience of candidates is also achieved with tools that facilitate and optimize the processes of the team of human talent. Automating flows, optimizing and customizing communications, and ensuring the collection and use of relevant data are to date, rather than a market trend a necessity to attract and retain the best talent in the market.  



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