We digitize your process of attraction, selection and employer brand
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We revolutionize and transform the recruitment processes and selection

Generate cost efficiencies and reduce response times, digitizing your attraction process, selection and employer brand

Attraction Tecnology and Employed Brand

18 broadcast channels for your vacancies attract the correct candidates in the shortest possible time.
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Employer Brand Context

At Magneto we have strategic employing brand initiatives to position your company as the leader in the target labor market.
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Automation attraction process

Magneto puts at your disposal the world's leading technologies, using Artificial Intelligence to automate your processes, reducing costs and providing the best experience for candidates.
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Micro-segmented attraction strategies

We carry out massive recruits through specialized events that guarantee the best talent and the positioning of the employer brand.
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Small and medium-sized enterprises(PYMES)

The ally of small and medium-sized companies in the publication of job offers for free.
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Turn the attraction, evaluation and selection process into a corporate benchmark for automation and 4.0 technologies

Talent Management Technologies TMT and Marble Head Hunter solutions portfolio are integrated in real time with Magneto 365, thus generating significant efficiencies and savings in the operation of your processes

Large companies are enhancing their employer brand and evaluation process with Magneto 365 and its allies

Leaders who inspire
the future of talent attraction

“Magneto 365 nos ha ayudado a transformar y automatizar nuestro proceso de atracción y selección. Es la plataforma que permite llegar al mejor talento del mercado y consolidar en paralelo una marca empleadora poderosa”
German Bustos
Director Corporativo Gestión Humana

“Magneto 365 no solo automatiza nuestro proceso, sino que lleva nuestra marca empleadora al siguiente nivel”
Luis Enrique Llamas
Director Global de Capital Humano Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios

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Recruitment cost savings
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Our interdisciplinary team will accompany you in the profitability of your attraction process and employer brand

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